Here are some of the major questions that have been asked by our many clients in North America: 


Q. How long do you hold or guarantee your pricing? 

A. We hold and guarantee our pricing as long as we (and the supplier) have that product in stock in the warehouse. 

Q. How does your Lifetime Guarantee work? 

Any products purchased from us come with a full Customer Satisfaction and Lifetime Guarantee on any manufacturing or quality issues. We stand behind our products unconditionally. 

Q. If there is an issue or problem with an order, how long does it take to resolve it? 

A. We guarantee a resolution to your problem in less than 48 hours. 


Q. Do you offer branding consulting service? 

A. Absolutely, yes we do.  And the service is complimentary. 

Q. Why should do we buy from you? 

A. For one very simple reason. What we offer in terms of pricing, quality products, services, commitment and experience is unique in this industry across North America. We have over ten thousand happy clients – small, medium and large. And we do all embroidery, printing, silk screening and engraving and etching – all under our control. 

Q. How are you different from other suppliers? 

A. We’re not totally focused on how much money we make. We think your business is our business, and we work for you by going the extra mile to please you. Customer satisfaction and happiness is a number 1 priority for us! There is nothing that we can source and deliver to you on or before time required that to within your budget. 


Q. How do we order samples or feel and touch the product before we make a decision to buy it for an event? 

A. It is very simple process – either you provide an SKU number after searching our website, or you can send us an email or call us with as much of a description as possible, and we will send you a sample within 24 to 48 hours at no obligation and at our expense. 

Q. What's the smallest order you accept?

A. We accept all orders of all quantities. However, smaller quantity orders will cost more. Our smallest run is normally about a dozen pieces. 

Q. Can we mix and match sizing or styles?

A. Yes. As long as the logo does not change, you can choose any arrangement of sizes, and even different shirts, styles and colours. 

Q. When you quote prices, do you include all the hidden charges?

A. We will never charge you more than we quote. All setup and shipping charges to one destination are included in our quotes. We will never give you reason to be surprised by extra costs you didn’t expect. 

Q. How fast can we have our clothing or other promotional giveaway ready?

A. We normally take about 7 to 10 business days to have your product ready for shipment or pick up. However, if you need it in a rush, we always try our best to accommodate. 

Q. What if we don't see what we want in your online catalogue?

A. Just let us know what you’re looking for and when. We will be happy to find you that product, or one similar to it.  We always go the extra mile to please you. 

Q. Do you do customized Team uniforms?

A. Absolutely, we can do it all! If you have a particular uniform in mind, we can have your jersey custom created. 

Q. Do you charge extra for any custom orders for die, setup etc. 

A. Most of the time, we do not. However, it depends on the product and design we are creating for you.  There may be extra charges, but we’ll make sure you know about them in advance. 

Q. Do you charge extra for rush job?

a. Absolutely not! 

Q. Do you charge extra for payment by credit card? 

A. Absolutely not! 

Q. Can we have our garments personalized?

A. Yes, we can embroider or print your name on the product you choose. An additional charge will apply. 

Q. Do you give over and under runs? 

A. As a rule of thumb we do not supply over or under runs at all. Whatever number you order, you get exactly same quantity. 

Q. Do you offer special pricing on large or bulk items? 

A. Yes we do. Due to the close relationship we have with most of our suppliers here in North America and overseas, we can offer you discounts on large quantities upon request, certainly a better discount than our competitors can offer or your current supplier. 

Q. Can we cancel or return our order?

A. Since everything we produce is strictly custom printed or embroidered, we cannot take back any returns after they have been produced or decorated with your logo. But in saying that, if there is an error on our part we will correct it at no charge. We will always work with you to ensure your event runs smoothly and effectively. 


Q. Are your workers unionized ?

A. Our workers are organized with United Steelworkers, Both our manufacturing and office staff is unionized.

Q. What are your operating hours?

A. We are always open. Our website can provide you with a lot of information whenever you need it. However, when you need a quote or have any specific questions, just e-mail us or call us for the quickest response. Since we are always working to please our customers, you’ll receive quotes and get your questions answered right away via email – even at night, on weekends and holidays! 

Q. Where do you source products from? 

A. We are a strong advocate in supporting our economy and creating jobs, so we try our best to provide products that are manufactured or fabricated here. If we are unable to find them in North America, we will buy from a supplier who may import goods from the Far East. 

Q. What are your social and privacy responsibilities? 

A. We are a very big company and highly committed to corporate social responsibility, protecting consumer privacy, and helping various charities or non profit organizations across the country that are promoting a good cause through our www.akranfoundation.com Please call or email us at csr@akran.com for further information. 

Remember that Akran Marketing has been in business since 1997, and we are here to help and support you in every possible way. If we do not have an answer right away to your questions, rest assured we will have an answer for you in no time. We always strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Having good communications with our clients, suppliers, staff and our partners is very important to us.